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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I expect to wait for my first issue?
Standard delivery time for most magazines is up to 12 weeks, depending on the date an order is placed and the publication’s frequency. Some monthly magazines and those published less frequently may take a little longer. For digital magazines, please allow 2 to 4 weeks to receive an email or postcard from the digital subscription provider when your subscription is available.
My voucher code isn’t working, what should I do?
Make sure the correct digits have been entered. Uppercase and lowercase letters are important to the uniqueness of each code. There are never spaces before or after the code. Please make sure that you are not substituting the letter "O" with the numeral "0" or the letter "l" with the numeral "1" or letter "i". To avoid incorrect codes, copy and paste it into the code box. Make sure that the email address you have entered is valid and using proper email format. Please use the email address where you wish to receive your confirmation email.
Do I use my redemption code or voucher number?
You can redeem your voucher by using the redemption code.
Can I change magazines once I buy my voucher?
The voucher you have received if specifically for the offer you have purchased, so you cannot make any substitutions.
I already have a subscription to this magazine. Can the subscription I just bought serve as a renewal?
Absolutely! Just be sure to enter the exact same name and address that is used for your current subscription.
My address changed after I redeemed the voucher. Now what?
  • Please manage your subscription on our web site:
  • Please use your email address as a username.
  • If you log in for the first time after redeeming the code please use "Forgot your password?" option to receive the password via email.
  • MagTracker lets you manage all your magazine subscriptions online 24/7. You can view your active subscriptions, change your mailing address, cancel subscriptions and more.

Feel free to contact us by e-mail at with any additional questions or concerns.

Include your redemption code in the email.